DOC Colli di Luni Pianacce


DOC Colli di Luni


    The hills of Castelnuovo Magra, Caprignano, in the province of La Spezia.


    Prefermentative maceration in steel pipe for 24 hours at 6-8 ° C, fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16°C. Steel maturation for about six months with a stop on the lees for four months and bottle aging for 1 month


    Intense straw yellow with marked golden highlights. Very broad aroma, with a hint of mint and citrus tones. Hot and severe palate. Tantalizing acidic flashes; closing of a salt grain

  • Vitigni

    Vermentino 100%

  • Soil type

    Clay, rich in texture

  • Type of cultivation and planting density

    Guyot with 5,000 plants per hectare

  • Yield per hectare

    220.000 lb

  • Harvesting method


Bianchetti salad – salad with small white fish, spaghetti with seafood sauce, mussel soup

12 °C in medium-sized goblets

32,000 75 cl bottles

6,000 0.375 cl bottles

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